Free Tuition Possible for Vermont?

free2018-02-14 at 7.49.33 PMLYNDON- Last Wednesday, April 18th Montpelier proposed a free tuition bill. This bill was to determine whether or not in state students that attend Vermont State College's or the University of Vermont can offer free tuition. New York made a free tuition rule in 2017 and now Vermont wants to see if they can follow the same or not.

 If this bill does vote through it will cost 30 million dollars in total for the first year for the State of Vermont. Many feel that the State of Vermont would not be able to afford this while others see that it could be beneficial for students to have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars.

"I think we need to provide more opportunities for students to get scholarship funds, but then perhaps have a pay back in the sense that it's not a loan program. Perhaps a service requirement maybe you pack back with two years of service and some kind of a job that helps. Certainly you can't ask for people to work for free because you need to earn something, " said Legislator Marty Feltus.

Some of the requirements for students to receive free tuition is to maintain a 2.5 grade point average. Also, students must have a certain income and must be a resident of Vermont.

"I just think that it's our obligation to make sure that students don't face debt when they graduate from college. I think education, post high school education is really one of the only ways that students can rise from lower income to middle class in this country, so it's absolutly critical that low income students not be denied the ability to go to college and because it is so expensive in Vermont it makes it really difficult for students to do that," said Linda Olson director of AFT.

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