New Look for the Lyndon Town Garage

lyndon garageLYNDON - The former Lyndon Town and Highway garage, has sat at 433 East Burke Road for as long as local officials can remember. But given the new garage for the town, officials have been tasked with re-purposing the property.

The Lyndon Selectboard sent out a survey to residents in which they asked what townspeople would like to see happen to the garage and the surrounding area. Among the multiple options presented, there was resounding support to turn the area into a green recreational park. At the April 2nd selectboard meeting, Annie McClean, the Lyndon Planning Commissioner, shared the results of their survey and is recommending that the town plan to convert the area into a recreational spot.

Dan Daley, a member of the Lyndon Selectboard, had a lot to say about the project. "While it is in no way set in stone yet, we did receive a lot of support for the 'park' area, and the area will most likely be converted into one of three different areas. We were thinking that it could be a picnic area, a boat launching site into the Passumpsic River, or since it is so close to the Kingdom Trails, it could also serve as a parking area for those who want to bike-ride from the location."

Daley was also very happy to say that this project would not mean big bills for residents, especially considering the grants at their disposal. "We do have grant money for the project, and we may also be able to utilize a $10,000 grant that we received for town meeting day." Daley explained, "This would not be a $50,000 project, it would only be about $5,000 at the most based on our preliminary speculations."

While the project may still only be on the verge of becoming a reality, it does not change the fact that many local residents are excited for the potential change of scenery, and so are town officials.



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