Bulky Week Preparations

Bulky meetingLyndonville - The Lyndonville select-board and Northeast Kingdom Waste Management are working to finalize the details for the bulky week event. Select-board members and the executive director of the NEK Waste Management district discussed Monday night a number of logistical challenges that they face each year.


Bulky events are events that are designed to help people get rid of their oversized waste. "Bulky day is an event held in many towns, or a service provided year round in some towns, to allow residents to get rid of items that they couldn't otherwise dispose of with their household trash. Bulky refers to things too big to fit in a can or bag." According to Paul Tomasi, Executive Director of the NEK Waste Management district.

During the select-board meeting, there was a discussion into the types of items that would be allowed to be brought to the event. Tomasi listed a number of items that could be dropped off including painted furniture, stuffed chairs, and couches. If there are questions about if an item qualifies Tomasi encourages people to call: (802) 626-3532.

Tomasi also explained that items like tires, scrap metal, and electronics are commonly misunderstood as bulky when they do not qualify. He asks that if a resident has items of that type that they drop them off anytime as they are always accepting those items.

The bulky event is popular, and Tomasi says that it is also an important event for the community.

"It really does provide an opportunity for people to get rid of things like couches and chairs that otherwise might end up on the roadside. So you'd have road crews out trying to pick this stuff up. Sometimes people find steep banks and throw items over, so it really is a helpful program to help keep the roadsides clean."

The bulky event in Lyndonville is by appointment. Lyndon residents can begin making appointments for the event on May 1st. The event will run from May 12th to the 19th.

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