Stuffed Animals for Kids in Need

lyndon furniture fundraiser thumbnailLYNDON - Lyndon Furniture has started a fundraiser that is stuffed with compassion for those who need a furry friend to help combat traumatic experiences. Last week Lyndon Furniture reached out to the local Police, Rescue, and Fire departments to ask what they could do to help with whatever the departments needed. The response they got was one that they did not expect... but something that they could definitely help with.
Karla Degreenia, a Lyndon Furniture Design Assistant, was very excited for the fundraiser and all the donations that they have received so far. "One of our correspondents, her name is Becky Hinton, was asking around the area for ideas of things that we can do, just because that's the kind of business that we are; and she let us know that the local police departments were looking for more stuffed animals to provide for children." She explained, "We absolutely loved the idea and we began to get the word out last week, and so far we have over forty stuffed animals and quite a few coloring books and stories."
Their Facebook flyer only went up last Friday, and already Lyndon Furniture has received a lot of support from the local community. "It really seems like the kind of fundraiser that goes towards a good cause," Degreenia went on to say, "I myself have never had a traumatic experience; but I know for a fact that if I did, I would want something like a stuffed animal to comfort me."

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