Embezzlement at Dollar General

Dollar General ThumbnailLYNDON- A Newport Center woman is being accused of embezzling over $13,000 from the Dollar General in Lyndonville. Jessie Wright, 32, took the money over four seperate occassions.


"It was the nightly deposits that were supposed to be going in," said Lyndonville Police Chief Jack Harris. "She was working as a manager at the time, and it was her duty as she left to take the nightly deposit, and deposit it in the bank."

Once the bank realized it was not getting its usually deposits from Dollar General, they suspected something was happening. 

"They hadn't received any deposits, so following up, she was clearly leaving the facility with the bags. She never returned with them."

One concern that Lyndonville PD did have was whether there was more money missing.

"It was just over a several week timeframe. It wasn't a long drawn-out thing. The officer looked into it to see if there was more to it that we were missing, but at this point, it looks just like the four individual times," noted Chief Harris. 

Wright was found and issued a citation to appear in Caledonia Court, but one thing stil remains unsolved.

"To this day, we sitll don't know where the money went," added Chief Harris. 

Wright will appear in court on May 21st. 


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