Stepping Stone Serenity Spa Website Mishap

Spa 2018-02-14 at 7.49.33 PMLYNDONVILLE - The Serenity Spa at The Stepping Stone Inn had it's URL changed by the owner of the Willoburke Boutique Inn and Lodge in East Burke. Owner Susan Hanus had some concerns about her website being purchased. Some people had complained to Hanus and had mentioned that the website would direct them to Willoburke.

Hanus had originally started to contact people by calling them and emailing them. She had also made a post to Facebook in the Burke Community Group as she had felt that it was necessary in order to spread the word and get the message out. Eventually the owner of Willoburke, had claimed that they had purchased it. Hanus said it was pretty clear that it had been the owner.


Hanus's website isn't through a federally trademarked business, therefore it is open and available for the public to take and purchase it. When Hanus had asked the Willoburke owner why they had purchased the url, they had mentioned how they had felt this was right. They had claimed that the statue of the website was not protected and they had every right to purchase it and change it to a different name. Hanus has claimed that she has been involved in the business industry for a long time and she knew this wasn't the right thing to do. She mentioned how many people that don't the insides and outs of business could also have this happening to their websites without even realizing it. Or in this case, the owner had thought that by doing this it was a good way to make more business.

"How I feel? How I feel isn't even a way to describe it. It's business it's that simple, " said Hanus. 

Many companies do this all of the time as they feel that it is the right thing to do. It is very easy for people to go onto Go and to steal a part of a website and make it slightly different.In this case the owner of Willoburke intentionally made it so that the Stepping Stone website can be directed to their website. If someone were to take and accidentally place an S in the word Stepping Stone and put it at the end of the word Stone and made it Stones it would directly lead them to Willoburke's website. People can purchase many different misspellings of a company very easily. They would normally buy the website and then they would redirect these misspellings to the proper website where the content is located. Hanus had claimed that by doing this, it's a good marketing tactic because it's so easy to misspell a name of a company while searching for the company.

"We are all in this together, we need to be forward facing to all of the tourists coming in and whether they are going to the hotel, whether they're taking advantage of the winter sports at Kingdom trails, whether they just want a rest pit like look out the window with the snow or the Burke Mountain. Lyndon, East Burke, West Burke everybody needs to be forward facing to take advantage of the people coming here. That is my common purpose is that we should all be working together and that we will better our businesses by working together," said Hanus.

On Monday, Willoburke had taken down the url after seeking counsel.


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