Students Hopeful at Design Competition

DesignthumbnailLYNDONVILLE- Lyndon State College held their 14th annual High School Design Competition Friday.

Digital Art students from technical schools around Vermont were in the Harvey Academic Center creating a digital poster design for next year's competition with the hopes of learning as artists and meeting new people.

The students are grouped into six groups and come together to build a poster.


Robert Patterson, a senior competing says "We start out by greeting each other. Then we move on to concept ideas, figuring out what we want our overall theme to be, finding out the strength and weaknesses of what we can do." Patterson says after finding a general idea of what to create, the team starts creating the poster with different programs and putting everything together.

Shyanne Roberge says her favorite part of the competition will be seeing the full product come together and choosing different color concepts. She says she has high hopes for today's event "I hope to get out meeting new people, having fun, and creating something altogether."

Kayley Hays another competitor says she found about the competition after her digital arts teacher recommended it. "She said it's a pretty big deal, and it's a really great opportunity." Hays says she hopes to gain experience from other students, "to get feel of what it's like to associate with people I'm not familiar with." She hopes to gain tricks that she will be able to spread to her classmates that didn't attend the competition.

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