State Championship Preperation

LI HockeyLYNDON- Lyndon Institute is heading back to the State Championship for the first time in 25 years. The team is currently in the preparation stage as they get ready to take on a very dangerous Woodstock Union High School team.



Lyndon finished their season 12-7 and Woodstock finished 19-0-1. LI's season was a rollercoaster ride but finished up strong by winning eight of their final ten games. This season is even more impressive by having a new man in charge lead them to the championship game in just his first season with the team. Coach liked what he saw this season and said it was a journey.

"It's been a long road, it's been a process. These guys rose to the challenge." Said LI Hockey Coach Chris Meunier. The last stop on their road is a tough matchup between Woodstock, with Meunier aware of their talent he isn't backing down. "They're good team, they're undefeated and a real well coached team. We're going to have to play our best but I don't have any concerns, I really don't. We're going to go in, and play our best and anything can happen in's one of those rinks."

These players aren't just giving their all for the trophy; some are also giving their all since it's their last high school game ever. Krystof Vanek has been a big part of this team for the past three years and he wants to make the best of his last game. "It's a big thing for us as a team; it's a big thing for our lives, a big thing for our community. Especially for the seniors, this is going to be my last game after three years. It's going to be great; I'm excited I'm really excited." Said LI Senior Krystof Vanek.

This team is different from past teams according to Vanek and it gives him a great feeling. "We are actually a team, we play like a team and we are able to play like a team when we need to play like a team, so that's what I like the most."

Lyndon Institute will take on Woodstock Union High School Wednesday at the University of Vermont at 6PM.


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