Crash at 977 Lynburke Road

977 crash thumbnailLYNDON - A two vehicle crash occurred around 10:30 on the morning of Friday, March 10th. The two vehicles were a Subaru Forester and a Ford Focus, both of which were totalled as a result of the collision. The events that took place are as follows...

The Subaru Forester was traveling southbound on Lynburke road with the intention of turning left into the Kingdom Canine Center; a Ford Focus was traveling northbound on Lynburke road just in front of the driveway to the Canine Center when the Forester turned into the lane.
Both vehicles sustained massive damage and needed to be carted away from the scene via tow trucks. Police and Firefighters on scene were cleaning away debris as Lyndon's Police Chief, Jack Harris, Questioned both parties involved in the crash. Because the Subaru crossed into the other lane while the Ford Focus had the right of way, blame for the accident has been given to the owner of the Forester. That being said, no ticket was issued for the accident due to the fact that no intentional wrongdoing could be determined.
Chief Harris was available for comment while on the scene. "The Forester will be found at fault, she was making a left-hand turn and turned directly in front of a vehicle that had the right of way," Harris explained, "so she will be given a warning to that; I mean I don't think that it was anything intentional that would draw a ticket, so she will just be responsible for the charges regarding the collision."
At the time, the names of the residents in the crash have not been released, however there were no injuries recorded at the scene.


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