Lyndon Votes to Move Funds

C0775B7A-B475-4DAF-B093-F0C5D27EB3A5LYNDON- It was a low key year for the education side of Lyndon's Town Meeting Day. In 2017, the town voted to join with the school districts of Burke, Lunenburg, Millers Run (Sheffield and Wheelock), Concord, Sutton, and Newark to form the Kingdom East Unified School District, which comes into existence July 1st, 2018.

 This year, the biggest issue discussed was moving money from four previously existing funds to a new fund: the Lyndon Educational Facilities Reserve Fund. The money, which totals just under $1,000,000, will be transferred from the Tax Stabilization Account, the Maintenance Reserve Fund, the Technology Reserve Account, and any other surplus funds available.

"What we were hoping was that the voters would agree to move the reserve funds that we have in a couple of different funds to this new fund, that will allow 5 years to make decisions on how to use that money," said Lyndon Town School Principal Amy Gale

The school will be able to use these funds on anything they see fit. Gale stressed during the meeting that one thing the school would like to use the money towards is a new technologically advanced classroom.

On the Australian ballot for Town Meeting Day were the positions of School Director and School District Treasurer. As of Wednesday, neither positions had been filled. The School Board will have to fill the spots, which only exist until June 30th.


For more information on Lyndon’s Town Meeting Day, click here.

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