Little Crowd Big Involvement On Town Meeting Day For Lyndon

TMDLYNDON2018LYNDON- Town meeting day for Lyndon saw around 100 people, which doesn't equate to a lot of the total population of the town. However, the people that were there were kept the talks busy.

There were 23 articles being voted on this year on the floor. Big issues to come out of those articles were getting rid of the delinquent tax collector position and appointing the town Treasurer to the position in order to save the town some money.

Another item was to get rid of floor voting for next year's Town Meeting Day and change all voting to Australian ballot.

The meeting got off to a serious and bittersweet start. Senator Joe Benning led off the meeting with talks about what the state is doing that could have an impact on the town.

Marty Feltus was then honored for her thirty-plus years of service to the selectboard as she will be stepping down.

Another item to look for in next year's ballot is the budget for waste management. After the opening monologue from Senator Benning it was time to vote on all twenty-three articles and that is when the meeting got interesting.

It began to slow down once Article #5 hit the floor.

"It's very important, this is what its all about is making your voice heard," said Lyndon resident Mike Schlesinger. 

The voices of many were heard as Article #5 was brought to a paper ballot which and was voted against.

Throughout the remaining articles, several articles were still being questioned.

The day finished with twenty 22 of 23 articles being passed. The waste management budget and the positions that need to filled still are to be decided in the Austrailian ballot.

Looking forward, there could be changes on the horizon. Lyndon Selectboard member, Kermit Fischer explained how if more people came out and voted then Town Meeting Day could be ran differently.

"I think times have changed and I think we need a different mode, whether it be a town hall style or changing to a night its definitely something we need to look into," Fischer said.

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