Magic and Art In The Kingdom

paintandmagicpic1LYNDONVILLE- Children in the Northeast Kingdom experienced a magic show at Grindstone Cafe. The event was put on for young children between the ages 4-8 by Morrigan Stark. With the help of studying and good intentions, Stark amazed young children with her talents.

It was a packed house at the cafe, the event sold out rather quickly. Kids had the opportunity to observe magic and were taught about the concept of art. The events' leader, Morrigan Stark, has been studying witchcraft for about two years. She explained the lessons about teaching magic and ar. It is extremely vital especially to young people. She hopes they will cherish the lessons she teaches them forever. "I think it's great, the more kids that know how to do this stuff the better. This will save the world."

The kids not only learned a lot with Stark, but they also enjoyed their time learning about the mediums and energies associated with art. "I feel that it's incredibly therapeutic and I wish that I knew this stuff when I was their age," Stark says.

Stark also made a strong point that this event can help with children's mental health. Instead of giving them medications or using unhealthy methods to deal with a child's mental wellbeing, they can come out to events, such as Stark's magic show, and be relaxed so that their wellbeing can be brought to a good state without harming themselves. Stark explained, "They can just chant or paint and that way they are doing something constructive instead of using medications."

The magic brought to the event for these children also brought out the magic within as well. "It makes them more aware of the power that's inside of them and helps them put a little more intention into their creations instead of just making something pretty, they're actually just putting something out there, it's like the law of attraction they're putting out there what they want their life to look like."

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