Bigger Than Beer: Is Hemp the Future?

IMG 1243LYNDONVILLE—Matt Dauphinais opened up Green Mountain Grow with the hopes to not only become a one-stop shop for all basic gardening needs, but to also provide hemp products to the community. Dauphinais explained how hemp can help lead to opiate-free pain relief. But what exactly is hemp?

 Hemp is the fiber of the cannabis plant and can be used to make rope, paper, and much more. Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from hemp and is a product that Dauphinais offers to his customers. However, Dauphinais is looking to be the first in the state to set up a seed bank for Vermonters to be able to grab supplies so they can grow their own hemp. 

“There’s currently a CBD and hemp seed shortage in the nation and most places are sold out until Summer 2019,” explained Dauphinais. 

Dauphinais explained how he has been the only business owner who approached the Vermont Department of Agriculture about hemp seed distribution for his store. 

“Although I have reached out to them, there haven’t been many developments,” said Dauphinais. “I just wanted them to know that I’m interested.”

Dauphinais expressed concern regarding the safety of his crops due to a law that was passed a few years back.

“In 2013 there was a law passed allowing farmers to grow hemp,” explained Dauphinais. “However, that law also mentioned that your crops can seized by any state official.”

Dauphinais reached out to the Vermont Department of Agrictulture regarding the law and was informed that if by chance the Federal Government was to get involed, Vermonters would be safe from prosecution. 

Dauphinais is optimistic that his business will thrive in the future due to hemp products increasing in popularity. Green Mountain Grow offers a wide variety of supplies needed for "home growers"— and Dauphinais' range of hemp products to sell are not limited. Hemp is now being used in shampoos, energy drinks, dog biscuits, hand lotions and much more.

“It’s going to be bigger then beer,” said Dauphinais. “Every kind of infused product already exists.”


To learn more about hemp, check out this video from HempMeds, a CBD distribution company operating out of San Diego, California: 

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