LSC Reacts to Nassar Case

nassarthumbnailLYNDONVILLE - Following the conviction of Larry Nassar, members of the Lyndon State College Sports Medicine Club felt it was important to address the topic of abuse. As individuals entering the profession directly impacted by Nassar's actions, they decided to invite community members to the school, and provide an open platform for discussion.

 According to Aimee Pascale who is an Exercise Science Professor and discussion facilitator, one of the goals of the forum was to teach individuals where to turn if they, or someone they know, is being abused. "Our hope is that these discussions will become a bit more common so people can more clearly, and without having doubts in their mind, be able to identify people who they would be comfortable naming as advocates."

Pascale feels it's important that people feel comfortable speaking up before something gets to the point of severity like it did with Nassar. To do so, Pascale says that individuals must, "have an understanding of who has access to resources that could help with whatever an individual's needs might be."

Another key player in the event was Johanna Sargent, a senior Exercise Science student. She also agreed with Pascale in regards to the importance of victims being able to identify a trustworthy outlet. "One of the things that we want to do with this discussion is kind of make it known to us, as healthcare professionals, that we need to be more of an advocate towards these types of patients and individuals," said Sargent.

There will be another discussion at the school tomorrow at 11:00 AM, taking place in the Moore Community Room. Both Pascale and Sargent are hopeful that overtime community members will gain a better understanding of the impacts of abuse, and feel comfortable seeking support. 

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