Cobleigh Has the Sweets

Valentines Day ThumbnailLYNDONVILLE- The Cobleigh Library in Lyndonville is usually filled with books, magazines, and people quietly going about their business. But Tuesday and Wednesday, they're changing things up. The Friends of Cobleigh Library are hosting their first every Valentines Day Bake Sale, which they approached with some optimism. 


"I think it's the first year we've had a bake sale on Valentine's Day. We'll see how successful this is," said Mamie Cleveland, president of the Friends of Cobleigh Library. "Our big fundraiser is in the fall, it's a big book sale, we have it at the Municipal Building."

But despite it being their first time, they received plenty of donations from community members. Proceeds will be used mostly for the BookMobile, which runs from the library to local day cares and schools, and brings books. This is an important cause, according to Cleveland, who used to be a school teacher. 

"I thought it was a really good cause. I'm a retired teacher, and I think it's really important for kids to get their hands on books and learn to read," said Cleveland. "Sometimes the families don't have an opportunity to come to the library."

The rest of the money raised will go towards the library. 


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