Addition For The Lyndon Town School

LTS thumbnailLyndonville - While the town of Lyndon gets ready for town meeting day, the school board is also busy at work; finalizing their budgets and squaring away all appropriations before March 6th. The Town school is also looking into potential additions to be made to the campuses existing structure. With the Lyndon Town School being one of eight schools joining together to form the Kingdom East School District, the Lyndon Town School is on a deadline of finding what additions and renovations they either need or want to make to their facility.

The reason they are facing a deadline is that once the school districts unify, all matters will need to be discussed by the districts as a whole under on board, instead of the specific school. "the current boards are able to make decisions based on their local work in each individual school, board and building. After July 1, any facilities work will be the work of the whole district/board." explained Jennifer Botzojorns, the superintendent of the Kingdom East School District.
Obviously, it is much easier for a school board, pertaining to one school, to look into what changes need to be made to a school structure when they only need to worry about the one building. When the School districts come together, it will be much harder for a school to receive the primary focus of the other schools representatives. So, the Lyndon Town School must have assumed it would be better for them to figure out what changes need to be made to their facility now, versus later on when they need to compete with seven other schools for funding and support. Lucky for the Lyndon Town School there is a way for them to divert funds, for their use only, after the schools have been unified.
Botzojorns said in a recent interview, "At this point, only capital reserve would be able to be used. The town can vote to move the other money (tax stabilization, tech reserve) into a physical plant reserve, this is what the plan is for voting on Town Meeting." That is specifically what the Town School plans to do.
During an interview conducted on February 13th, Amy Gale, the Principal of the Lyndon Town School, told News 7 reporters about how they plan to divert funds so they can pay for their addition project. "there will be articles for the voters to vote on at town meeting that will ask them to take the reserve funds that we currently have in a maintenance reserve fund and in a technology reserve fund and re-allocate them into an educational facilities fund."


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