Flowers in the Northeast Kingdom

Valentine thumbnailLYNDONVILLE- Valentine's Day is a few days away and flower shops are busy with orders and getting ready for the big day.

Co-Owner of The Daisy Daze Sara Dwyer says that around Valentine's Day the store gets busy, "It gets a lot busier during Valentine's Day we get a lot more orders in." The process to get ready for Valentine's Day starts several months before the actual month says Dwyer. "We order flowers back in December January time. We started getting vases, chocolates that type of stuff at the beginning of the month."


The store prepares the arrangements weeks in advance to get ready for the big day, "We work a lot of extra hours that we don't normally do. On the weekends and after hours so that we can fill our orders and we're not overly bombarded during things during our working hours." Dwyer says the store received their order of flowers last week and since then have been processing through them to make the bouquets and arrangements.

And as far as the most popular flowers go, "It's kind of a cliche but roses sell a lot. We have noticed that people are starting to stray away from roses a little bit." Dwyer says it's a nice mix up of different flowers. Dwyer says her favorite Valentine's Day flower is an orchid, "I think they're really easy to take care of and they last for a really long time." She says they stay in bloom for about six months.

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