Polar Express In Lyndon

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 polar expressLYNDON- The Polar Express visited the town of Lyndon over the weekend. The train only comes one weekend every December and has been coming to town for over ten years now. The conductor of the train has basically molded himself to it since this marked his eighth year as being a part of this event. Charlie Somer who is long time friends with the Paris's who own the Freight House and one day they asked for Charlie's opinion of the train. 

"We were talking and he asked what do you think and well I said it's missing something and we kind of talked back and forth over the summer and in September we came up with the idea that we need a conductor." Said Polar Express Conductor Charlie Somer. Charlie went from a community member who enjoyed the train ride, to being the center piece of it all.

Other than the conductor, the crew members of the train are volunteers and some of them work at the Freight House and some don't. The crew members get a kick out of putting on a show for all the families and especially seeing the kids smile and laugh. "You could see the magic in their eyes when they saw Santa come into the room, said Anna Zigler worker at the Freight House.

At times throughout the ride parents were seen having more fun than their children. "The parents and grandparents sometimes are the biggest kids on the train. We had a lady on that was I think 80, 85 years old, she was having more fun than her great grandkids that were with her", Said Somer.

One of the train's goals is to keep that belief of Santa Claus alive, no matter how old you are.