Farm Life from a Kid's Perspective

farm kids thumbnailLYNDONVILLE- Farming and agriculture is a lifestyle, particularly in Vermont and the Northeast Organic Farming Association (from this point forward will be referred to as NOFA). With it's increased popularity, NOFA wants more people to be knowledgable about the lifestyle and the importance that farming provides.

November 13th-18th is NOFA's 7th Annual Agricultural Literacy week, which is being celebrated statewide in an effort to give kids a better understanding about farm life.

"During that week we encourage schools and libraries to have displays of materials about farms, to possibly have farmers come in and read books, and a variety of different things across the state," said Pam Kennedy, NOFA Farm to Community Mentor.

But this year, NOFA decided to add something special to their week line-up. Kennedy said that last spring, everyone started to plan what they wanted to do for this week when they came up with a brilliant idea. "This year we had a brainstorm and we thought that it would be fun to make a video about the kids that we know are either living on farms now and helping or young adults that we know that have grown up on farms."

NOFA hired a videographer, who went to local farms and spoke to children who are currently living on farms and young adults who grew up on farms with an intent to express the importance of what it means for children to grow up on farms and how their experiences have shaped their lives specifically in the state of Vermont.

Kennedy says that NOFA wanted to connect people with what it's like to grow up and live on a farm and what it means to the people that do it.

The documentary was called, "Vermont Farm Kids-Rooted in the Land" and premiered on Tuesday, November 14th. An official premiere was held in Montepelier, while the Cobleigh Library along with various other public libraries across the state also held premieres.


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