Modest Increase in NEK Waste Management's Budget

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nek waste management picture in psLYNDON- The Northeast Kingdom Waste Management Budget held their annual informational meeting last night to discuss their proposed 2018 budget. This is a year in which they predict they'll see an increase that's less than one percent from last year.

 Paul Tomasi, the executive director, says the company will be cautious entering 2018 because of the volatility in all markets, but especially the recycling markets.

"We've had to cut back on some of the plastics that we take in and I know that's caused some confusion for some folks," says Tomasi.

"But those aren't decisions that we make, and they're not decisions that we make lightly."

The proposed budget currently sits around seven hundred and sixty thousand dollars, which If there's any substantial increase at all, Tomasi says it comes in the gross wages line.

"We're cautiously optimistic about markets next year but we're not trying to embark into any new purchases, so hopefully we can keep the budget where it's at."

In Tomasi's nineteen years of being at the company, he says he's only ever seen three people show up to this informational meetings, that happen once a year.

"We take this very seriously, and we understand that the public pays our salary."

The meeting which was held at the Lyndon Public Safety Building, once again had quite the dismal turnout.

There were no new purchases reported, just a modest increase in the gross wages of their employees.