Veterans Day in Lyndonville

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Veterans Day ThumbnailLyndonville - Veterans Day, the national holiday which celebrates our brave soldiers was this past Saturday, November 11th. The American Legion Post in Lyndonville held a lunch-in to support and honor those who have served in our military.

The event itself had multiple guest speakers who served in the armed forces. Some spoke of their times in active combat, others spoke of friends that they had lost, and many spoke about how grateful they are to have a chance to speak with other veterans and know that they are not the only ones surviving the war.

"Impressive to see how many Veterans can stand up and talk about the problems they had during the wars." Forrest W. Little, a veteran of the Air Force, was surprised with the amounts of veterans that were able to talk about their past experiences with the military. "I'm probably one of the lucky ones," Little added, "I didn't have to see battle as far as war is concerned. But I did service air crafts to prevent the Cuban Crisis." While not every Veteran may have seen active combat, there are many who gave large amounts of time and livelihood to serve their country and protect us against threats both foreign and domestic. Forrest Little is one of these veterans, and his Wife Eleanor Little feels that veteran day is a proud day for her husband and veterans everywhere. "It means to me that I am very proud to my husband and all veterans, and to be able to be a part of all their veterans day is wonderful."

Of course Veterans Day would not be complete with only the heroes alone, another important aspect of Veterans Day are those who support our veterans and try their best to make this day special. David Perron is the Commander of the American Legion Post 30, and he was very happy to be able to converse with veterans, and allow for each veterans story to be told. "It's a tremendous feeling, I enjoy talking to veterans, everybody has their own story and every story is different. Everybody has been different places and seen different things, and it's just an honor to talk to them."

While Veterans Day may only be once a year, it is important that we all remember that Veterans have ensured our freedom every day, and there are many more who continue to protect our Country everyday. So for Veterans and those active in the Military, Thank-you for your service.