Hunter's Breakfast

Hunter breakfastLyndonville - This past weekend, the American Legion Post #30 held a breakfast for all hunters going out on the first hunting weekend of the year. All the profit from the breakfast went towards some of the charities the post has to help veterans.

This breakfast was the first one they held for the beginning of the hunting season in a number of years but, the success of this one may make it an annual event. Andrea Taylor was one of the people to set up this event and she has been involved with the post for a while.

 "So far the crowd has been good we've reached 7 which is more than enough to break even and now everything that we make goes to our charity." said Taylor

To break even, 6 tickets to the breakfast need to be sold but that goal was passed very early in the morning as hunters and some of their children piled in for a warm meal. The Profit from the breakfast is going to this month's charity, Children's Special Olympics. Veterans just coming for a warm meal on Veteran's Day morning or hunters ready to go out into the woods anyone was welcomed at this breakfast.

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