Pennies for Prizes and Veterans

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penny auction thumbnailLYNDON - The American Legion Unit 30 held a Penny auction on Saturday, November 4th.  The event was held to fundraise for Veterans, and some who attended the event say that it was a great outing for the community and veterans alike.

Elise D'Ambra, who is still only youth, says that the event was great in that it raised awareness and funds for those who needed it. "What I like about the penny auction is helping other people get what they need and just seeing everybody have smiles on their faces." Their were smiles all around as people were winning prizes; some bigger and bolder, others smaller and sweet. Karen Degreenia, who is the Unit 30 President, said that she loves penny auctions, because it allows for people to get big prizes with only a few dollars. "the winner wins something they've only payed 3 dollars for 25 chances at that prize, so when you divide that up it could be pennies, maybe dimes, which is where the name came from.

This event not only played a role in helping the community come together, it also helped the people who the event was made for, the veterans themselves. One veteran who attended the event, Robert Bonnel, was very happy to see so many people from the community coming out to support local veterans. "The money goes to all the veterans, they might need furniture or food or clothing or whatever, it's all for veterans, everything they do here is for veterans." Bonnel stressed that events like these are important to remind troops that have survived war that they are not forgotten, they are loved and cared for by the community. "When they (military personnel) go to war, and even when they come back, you cannot forget them, they need a lot of help to remember that they have not been forgotten."

The Unit 30 American Legion will be hosting another event on Saturday, November 11th. It will be a Hunters Breakfast from noon to two in the afternoon, the event is open to the public.