Odd Weather Stalls Winter Farm Prep

winter farm prepLYNDON— The unusual weather the Northeast Kingdom has experienced in the past few weeks has made preparations for the winter season on farms a little different.

"Usually the ground is frozen by now," said Mark Dill, Owner of Chandler Pond Farm in Lyndonville.


Even though the ground is not frozen, the effort is still made to prep for the winter.

"Right now, we are trying to cut wood and trying to get wood spilt and put away."

Dill says that one thing to still take care of is to make sure that crop residue is turned back.

Part of prepping a farm for the winter includes several things, on the Chandler Pond Farm, work is done to make sure the pastures are winterized.

"One of the biggest things is cows come off pastures. You know our pastures need to be fixed."

According to Dill, the weather has pushed winter prep back, but the farm is still prepping just in case it turns for the worse.

"It screws some things up because there is no way of knowing exactly what happens," said Dill. "It pushes things back, but at the same time we are trying to get things done."

"The biggest problem right now is mud," said Dill.

Dill also said that the way the rest of the year has gone he isn't surprised that the weather is acting up again.

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