More Than Just Books

bookfairltsLYNDON- Book fairs in elementary and middle schools might be just be filled with the Guinness book of world records or the magic tree house. Those are books that are popular among young kids. But what if in addition to the fun of reading, it also served a better purpose. The Lyndon town school tries to do just that.
The School Encourages students to not only come out to their book fairs and find their favorite book, but also to read and learn as well. It is extremely important for the Lyndon town school to give the opportunity for their students to learn and become Interested in reading even if they don’t want to. “We generally like to bring the book fair here, kids love the books and we like to bring books in that kids are into reading rather than text books, and kind of boring things”, says Lyndon town school's Behavioral Interventionist Lori Mawhinney.
Being in a technological age young kids may become distracted, however some kids like Lyndon town school student Colby Blair may understand why it might be important. “It’s kind of important because even know we might have cellphones, it’s still important, we still have to read”.
It is imperative that kids are able to become more educated and better connect on a personal level rather than a technological level. “As educators it’s one of goals we strive for” explains Mawhinney about the opportunity to let kids gain interpersonal skills, and speaking skills through reading books. What is also positive about getting kids to read more , the school offers up a free book through a voucher from the parent teacher group of a students choosing even if they cannot afford one. So no matter what, these kids will be granted an opportunity to read and learn their favorite book.

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