Winter Parking Ban

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parking banLYNDONVILLE-The Lyndonville winter parking ban went into effect yesterday, November 1st. The ban will be in effect through  April 15, 2018  and takes place between the hours of midnight and 7 a.m. Cars will not be allowed to park on the side of the road in town, because plows need a clear road in order to plow the snow.


Town municipal administrator Justin Smith said the "winter-winter" seasons will come, and they already getting ready for the next storm.According to Smith, "When we know that weather is coming or we are in the middle of a storm, and we know that the village crew is going to be coming in to do plowing and snow removal on the sidewalks and such. We will make the towing company aware."

The towing company, B and B company said that only if the municipal supervisor calls them, will they head out to move the car that could impact road cleaning operations. The manager of B and B Towing Company, Doug Jenks said they understand that there would probably have some college students park their in the town. Thus, he suggests that people should be cautioous of the parking ban that is currently in effect. "But it's not gonna be like it has been in the past where we're just gonna start driving down the streets looking for cars, so the only way we will take a car is if the town supervisor actually calls us and says 'hey there's a car here', and just asks us to come and get it," said Jenks.