Strong Winds Cause Power Outages

LYNDON- In the beginning of the week, Burke was hit with some strong winds that caused a few incidents of power outages.

There are multiple kinds of wind storms. Burke faced a large scale storm system, which means the winds that hit the state of Vermont came from the south. When a tree comes in contact with an electrical line, it can weaken the power of electricity which causes power outages.



Jason Shafer, an Atmospheric Sciences Professor at Lyndon State College, explained the wind storm this week was unique due to the winds that were stronger for a longer period during the day. Shafer says there was about 50-100 events that had some sort of electrical failure in the state. This was caused by trees falling on power lines.

“There’s a lot of things utilities do to storm harden their network. They will actually use stronger types of conductors and all the utilities have a tree trimming cycle so they have rights of ways that they have for each line and they try to clear a space to make it safer,” says Shafer. Most utilities follw a 8-10 year cycle of tree trimming. Though it is costly to trim the trees, it is safer. 

 Another way this can be prevented is by research. The research is focused around on understanding the impacts on wet snow and freezing rain on power outages. Depending on the damage, Shafer says it does not take too long to get the power back on. However, it is important for people to understand once a tree falls on a power line to immediately call 911 since the wire could harm someone if they get too close to it. 

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