Fenton Chester Arena Battling Warm Weather

Fenton chester arenaLYNDON- With the cold weather coming in, people are going to start putting their skates on and start hitting the ice. With that in mind, the Fenton Chester Arena is battling this odd fall weather while putting their ice down.


This year, the process has been slower than past years and isn’t going as fast as planned. “While many people are enjoying the warmer temperatures that we are experiencing this fall the warmth, moisture and humidity slow down the process of making ice.” Said Fenton Chester Arena General Manager Chris Carr.

The rink usually takes about a week and a half to be completely finished. On the other hand the weather has other plans for the rink, but Carr and his crew aren’t backing down. “Yes, the warm temperatures have slowed our progress but we have made adjustments and we are still making great progress.” One of those adjustments involved some significant schedule changes.

“One of the key adjustments that we made was to alter the time of day we are actually making the ice. We first shifted to morning production, when temperatures were cooler, and most recently, we actually shifted to an overnight schedule.” Carr continued. Before teams and community members can start using the ice, it needs to be tested by Carr and a few groups. “The test will help us confirm if the ice is cured and ready for more extensive use.”

Some people appreciate what Carr does with the arena and are glad they have access to it. “The Fenton Chester Arena is a great community resource not just in the cooler months but in the summer as well.” Said Lyndon Institute Communications coordinator Gloria Bruce.

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