Mic to Monitor Event

Mic to Monitor EventLYNDON- When you think about the North East Kingdom, most people think about the beautiful scenery, the mountains, the ski industry, and other outdoor atractions. When you think about the music industry, most people think about Nashville, Los Angeles, or New York. But sometimes people from rural areas have big city dreams, which is in part why the "Mic to Monitor Tour" made a stop at Lyndon State College Tuesday night to inspire and insight people from the area with a passion for the music industry.


Prism Sound and Recording Company has been traveling the world, bringing their knowledge of the ins and outs of the music and recording industry to people who are interested since 2009. Their seminars are primarily held at colleges and universities and are free to attend.

"We started doing Mic to Monitors in 2009 and were a way of giving something back to the industry, both from the professional standpoint and from the educational standpoint," says Jody Thorne, Sales and Marketing Manager at Prism Sound and Recording Company.

Thorne says that they wanted to start up the program because they found that there were a lot of mistruths in the industry through "social media platforms and networking and forums".

These mistruths stem from rumors regarding job opportunities and working conditions in the industry.

"What we wanted to do was dispel those myths. So, what we do is we bring together a group of manufacturers from speakers to microphones to acoustics and we talk about our technology and how it is best used and how to get the best use out of those products," said Thorne.

The seminar typically brings a guest speaker in to talk about their experiences in the industry and so that attendees can hear first-hand what they should be expecting.

Professional opportunities for people wanting to get into the music and recording industry are few and far between in the North East Kingdom, so bringing these kinds of seminars and workshops to the area is vital for people who have that passion.

"If we want to go and learn a lot with real big companies, we have to go to New York or LA or something like that, so it's cool that they came here," said student, Cameron Gilfoy.

Thorne says that coming to a more rural setting, such as Lyndon, is refreshing as the audience is very receptive and appreciative of the information given to them, rather than audiences in areas where the music industry is more centralized.

"I think that the crowd really appreciates that we've taken the time to come here, rather than just purely focusing on what we would classify as the core areas, like New York, Nashville, or Los Angeles," said Thorne.

The tour which is currently in its eighth year of existence continues its tour, with their next stop coming north of the border in Montreal.


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