A Day of Milestone Celebrations

li 150LYNDON - Lyndon Institute, St. Johnsbury Academy, and their rivalry football game were the center of celebrations prior to kickoff number 113 between the two schools.


On Saturday, October 21, 2017, Lyndon Institute (LI) began the day's rivalry football game festivities with a celebration of their 150 years of operation, for St. J. 2017 marks 175 years. During the celebration, LI Headmaster Twiladawn Perry presented a gift to St. Johnsbury Headmaster Tom Lovett. the gift was a small statue with two horns, one red and one green, intertwined to represent the connection and history of the two schools and communities.

"Total surprise," is how St. J. Headmaster Lovett reacted to the gift of the statue. "They just asked me to meet Twiladawn under the goal post and walk out. Total surprise, really classy, beautiful gift, and a real testament to the spirit between the two schools."

At the halfway point of the 113th annual rivalry game between the two schools, the 1997 LI championship team was honored and celebrated the 20th anniversary of the last LI football championship.

The coach of that '97 championship team recently had a number of items stolen from him including a football that had been signed by that year's team. As a part of the 20th anniversary of that win, LI's Athletic Director Paul Wheeler and the championship team decided to help their former coach out.

"It was very exciting for all of them, first of all, to be here, but also to have this project redone and get everybody to sign the ball," said Wheeler.

The coach was unable to make it the game but was presented the ball at a barbecue with his former team later that night.

Unfortunately for LI, the game was lost, but Perry says that she hopes that in 150 years they will still be playing the big game.

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