Lyndon Institute Preps for 113th Game

LI GAME PREPLYNDONVILLE- This Saturday Lyndon Institute will be hosting Saint Johnsbury Academy in their annual rivalry football game. The Vikings aren't the only ones who have been preparing all week. 



For the past week teachers, students, and the community have working together to support The Vikings Football Team. Whether it's making signs, decorating, or writing speeches, the Lyndonville community is ready for the big game.


Twiladawn Perry is looking forward to watching the game from a different perspective. Perry has always watched the games as a community member, and this year will be her first year cheering on the sidelines as a Lyndon Institute Interim Head of School. 


The Vikings understand they will have a tough battle against the number one team in the state. This is the113th year Lyndon Institute and Saint Johnsbury have gone head to head.


Head Coach Chad Simpson explained, "We're going to approach it as any other game. We just have to keep the energy up, keep focused on the game, keep each other, teammates, coaches, focused on what the task is and that's to keep our behavior good, to make sure we execute at a high level." Simpson stated Saint Johnsbury's offense has many different weapons, and the Vikings plan to find weaknesses within their defense. 


On the field, the Vikings have worked this week to prepare for this rich tradition. Off the field the community gathers to celebrate school pride. Perry explained to News7 she has been working this week on her speech, and feels it will be a good game this year. Lyndon Institute staff have decorated their doors to show school spirit, and both Lyndon Institute and Saint Johnsbury Academy cheerleaders have collaborated for a routine. Simpson believes, "It is more about the community than the game itself. All week the students with the spirit week activities and then tomorrow night the community coming together in the park and just celebrating the school and the atmosphere that's what it's really about."

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