LSC annual blood drive

american red crossLyndonville- Lyndon State College held its annual blood drive today, but it had more importance to it. According to the Red Cross one pint of blood can save up to three lives, and all those pints of blood can help the people who need it most. For example, this is significantly helpful to those down south that were hit by the hurricanes in Texas and Florida. These donations today may or may not go down south but it is always important and good to donate as blood is always needed.


"Because right now, we are living pretty nicely with the weather that we are having but other people like down in Puerto Rico and down in Florida and in the Keys, its very important." Said  Lyndon State College student; Liam Kelleher.


According to the Red Cross, they were expecting more than 50 people to show up at the blood drive today. Kelleher talked about people needing to put themselves in other peoples shoes when something terrible happens, especially after the two hurricanes.



"With one pint of blood each donor is saving three lives and that's invaluable." Said Red Cross Phelbotomist; Nicholas Bourden. "Certainly the more donations we receive the more it kid of alleviates that burden and those higher level headquarters American Red Cross employees are able to maneuver pieces as an influx of blood comes in." Bourden continued.


What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

Toy Swap

One local group taking donations to cloth the needy.


School Music Wall

6th graders are asking for community donations of pots and pans so they can build a music wall for all students in the school to use on the playground.


Village Donations

The Village sports store donated some cleats to Lyndon Institute