Trooper Shoots Man in Danville

DANVILLE - Late Tuesday night, police say 36-year-old William Mahoney of St. Johnsbury was shot by a trooper who has yet to be identified. The shooting was the culmination of several separate incidents involving Mahoney throughout the evening.

According to police reports, Vermont State Police responded to the scene of a one-car accident on Route 2 near Danville just before 10:00 p.m. Upon their arrival they discovered that the vehicle's owner had reported it stolen to the St. Johnsbury Police Department. Mahoney, who police say had stolen the vehicle, had already fled the scene by the time troopers arrived. The troopers found evidence of alcohol consumption inside the vehicle.

While troopers investigated the scene, VSP received a second report, this time involving a burglary near the scene of the accident. The homeowner, who was not named in police affidavits, said that she woke up to the sound of breaking glass. When she went to investigate she discovered a white male, who police say is Mahoney, standing in her dining room. Police say Mahoney quickly fled the scene. At this point, more troopers were called in for backup.

At about 10:45 p.m., Danville firefighters at the accident scene began hearing a man's voice over the town radio frequency. The man, who police say is Mahoney, repeatedly made suicidal threats, claiming that he had a bomb and that two people were going to die. Troopers began canvassing the area for the source of the radio broadcast.

Police say Mahoney was found in a school bus in the parking lot of the Danville School. At about 11:15 p.m., troopers identified themselves to Mahoney, and one of them entered the school bus. Mahoney would not cooperate with the trooper. Multiple troopers on the scene noticed that Mahoney was wearing a holster, and police say that during the confrontation Mahoney reached for the holster several times. Believing that Mahoney was reaching for a gun, the trooper shot at Mahoney five times, striking him once.

Troopers on the scene treated Mahoney immediately, and he was later transferred to Dartmouth hospital. The holster was empty, but police say they found CO2 cartridges in his possession and a Daisy Powerline BB gun in the car.

Because a trooper from the St. Johnsbury barracks was involved, detectives from outside of the area have been called in to investigate. Mahoney is also being sought by Vermont Probation and Parole, who have listed his status as "escape."

Per VSP protocol, the trooper will not be named until the investigation is complete. He has been placed on administrative leave, with pay. The Caledonia County State Attorney's Office is reviewing potential charges against Mahoney, including Driving While Introxicated, Driving while Under Suspension, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, and Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling.