Who is Joe?

joes pondDANVILLE- The Ice Out is over and pond is thawing, but how did Joe's Pond get the name?


The 400 acre pond runs about 3 miles long and at its deepest is nearly 100 feet, but this large pond gets its name from one individual and his kind act. The pond is named after Joe Injun, who was the last of his Coosuck Tribe.

Joe was left for dead after his tribe was involved in an Indian Raid with early settlers. Jane Larrabee, owner of the Hastings Store, said the settlers had two options for Joe, "Either take him in and help him regain his health, or kill him".

The settlers decided to help Joe recover and allowed him to rejoin his tribe, but before Joe left, he helped the settlers. Joe arranged a set of signals for the settlers, to warn them of any future attacks from anyone.

Joe died in 1819, but his legacy lives on, the pond was named after him in 1785 and to this day he is the mascot for the Danville Indians.

"There's 300 cottages on the lake, and I think, what would Joe think of it now?" says Larrabee. Joe's story is not only one of bravery and triumph, but also one about a gracious man.