Ice Out on the Horizon?

ice outDANVILLE - Residents in Danville are waiting to hear just one thing...when will the ice at Joe's pond give way? The Long winter season has created a thick ice bed and employee's of the Hastings store say it may lead to a new record.


"I think it's gonna be a while," Said Owner Jane Larrabee. "There's still quite a bit of ice at the third pond."

A measurement that was done not too long ago measured nearly twenty inches of ice still left on the pond. The last time the ice out occurred in May? 2007, or, the last year the Red Sox won the world series prior to their 2013 win.

The all-time ice out record was set on May 6, 1992.

"I always pick the same time so no one thinks there will be any shenanigans should I win," Said Larrabee. "It's always May 2 at 12:51 because that's when my son was born. It hasn't won in 36 years but we're working on it."

The ice has yet to melt on the first and second pond, and for the pallet to move, that has to happen. The ice must melt on the third pond and when that happens, the pallet will float away, disconnecting the clock. That will freeze time on the clock and you will have your official ice out time for 2014.

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