West Danville Man Will Plead Insanity

danvillestabberDANVILLE- The N.H. Attorney General's Office has agreed with a defense attorney that a West Danville man involved in a homicide case from January 2013, was insane at the time.


Rodney Hill, 38, was charged in the murder of Catherine "Kitty" Houghton, a 70-year-old San Francisco resident staying at the Hampton Inn in Littleton, where Hill is accused of stabbing her in the lobby.   

The state and Hill's defense lawyer, Mark Sisti, have agreed with Hill's statement. A notice was submitted by Sisti to plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

The victim was a member of the St. Mary's in the Mountains Board of Trustees and was in Littleton for board meetings.

Hill told the police that during the stabbing he believed he was Jesus, and that Houghton was the Devil who was after his family.

Hill said he was also going through a divorce during the time of the incident and also claims that during the time of the stabbing, he was angry due to an e-mail that was sent to him from his boss. He was also taking medications to treat his schizophrenia and bi-polar depression.

The case is still ongoing. If the judge does approve of the agreement, then Hill will then be sent to a secure psychiatric ward at the New Hampshire Prison. After that, Hill's mental stability will be checked every five years.