Sidewalk Talk

sidewalk talkDANVILLE - Sidewalks have been the talk of the town of Danville lately. The Route Two expansion project made several changes to the roads and some sidewalks. Town official say that the sidewalk project may not be done just yet.

 A grant that is worth about thirty-thousand dollars has been awarded to the town to conduct a feasibility study. That will determine whether or not it's possible to be able to make more changes to the sidewalks. Of course this isn't a new problem as it's been going on for decades.

"They had sidewalks going from the railroad depot clear up into the middle of the town." Said Sharon Lakey of Danville. "There were sidewalks that were torn up because it was difficult to plow the roads."

There is a sidewalk that ends at the Danville school and with the proposed project it would extend that very sidewalk another quarter mile to the athletic fields. Danville would also benefit via tourists as they would have more places to walk and visit.

"I think depending on what we do it could very much help." Said Lakey.

If the project is approved it will not be finished until 2018.