Danville Rescue Controversy

DanvillerescueDANVILLE- Danville residents recently learned that a new deal involving Danville rescue will have the first responders only working during the day.  The deal involves CALEX having E-M-T's respond from 10.5 miles away from St. Johnsbury.  Members of Danville Rescue are arguing that response time could be delayed up to fifteen minutes. Danville Rescue member Nathaniel Donley stated that himself and fellow members are not fully opposed to the change, but they are irratated they did not talk it out with the crew members first.

"We are the people who have been doing the brunt of the work as far as calls.  They haven't really kept us in the loop on what's been going on," Donley said.

Danville Rescue President Eric Bach said the change is strictly an economic reason. Bach also stated, "we are looking at money now that just comes in through fundraising, billing, and our appropriations, which doesn't leave us as large of a cushion as we used to have in the past." Bach proceeded to say the changes will be minimal to services and they also have had improvements.  He also argued that the changes are essential.  

The move has been brought to question its impact on employment for many members of the non-profit.
Rescue member Jonathan Austin-Short was put on probation after complaining the effects of the contract could be life threatening to members of the town.

"The biggest fear is that the ambulance takes too long, in our line of work time is crucial," Short said.

Bach responded by saying "it really isn't going to take us any longer to respond with an ambulance from St.Johnsbury."He also mentioned that Danville rescue personal have to drive to the station while CALEX is on call, at their station, so the response time should not change."

The CALEX contract has been in place for about two months now and all the kinks are pretty much worked out. Now the Danville Rescue president is hoping that disgruntled employees start to feel a little better about the situation.