Hasting's Unique Postmark

hastings unique postworkWEST DANVILLE - Hasting's General Store, one of the region's most unique stores in the area, is nearing their 100th anniversary. To celebrate, the town's post office is offering a special postmark to commemorate the anniversary.

The building itself is 160 years old, opening in 1853, and boasts a very unique feature. Inside the general store is also Danville's Post Office. Hasting's General Store opened its doors on October 13th, 1913. 100 years later, general store and post office combination is still running successfully.

The postmarks feature a detailed sketch of Hasting's General Store, are only available for only thirty days. They can be requested (for free) via mail by sending self-addressed, stamped envelopes containing what they wish to be cancelled to: Postmaster, 2748 VT. Route 2 West, West Danville, VT 05873.

The Hasting's Store is also holding a customer appreciation day on Sunday, October 13 from 10am-2pm.