Vigil for Melissa Jenkins

Jenkins VigilDANVILLE - Family and Friends of Melissa Jenkins met at the Danville Creamery, after hearing reports of a body that could possibly be hers, discovered nearby in Barnet.

 They came together to share memories of who she was as a person.

One friend of Jenkins' said, "What I've remembered about her most recently the last couple of years, is that she was a mother of a sweet and wonderful child."

Jenkins was known as a teacher at St. Johnsbury Academy, a coach, but most importantly a single-mother who loved her 2 year old son, Tyrell.

Nicholas Ledo, a Co-worker of Jenkins, at Danville Creamery, tells us how he remembers her, "I think that one of the most striking things that I remember about her is the way she was with her son."

"She will be surely missed," said Ledo.

Another family friend of Jenkins recalled a conversation that happened days previously with Jenkins in regards to the upcoming holiday, "Her last comment was yup, he's going to love his Easter Bunny..."

"But he's going to love his mother forever," echoed another friend right after.

"I don't think she can ever pass from any of our hearts without us thinking of her beauty, and her joy, and the smiles she could always bring to everyone's face."

Jenkins son is staying with family and friends, while the investigation continues.