37 Kids and Counting

GoatsDANVILLE - A small farm in Danville is home to some award winning animals that will really get your goat.

Set on 10 acres overlooking the New Hampshire White Mountains, Tannery Farms raises and sell Spanish meat goats, for breeding stock, their cashmere, and Tannery Farms' newest venture, chevon, which is goat meat.

"I just started a meat company," explained Tannery Farms Co-Owner Shirley Richardson. "I have a business partner, and locally we are in about 12 or 13 restaurants." Chevon is the most widely eaten red meat around the globe, and contains less calories and fat but more protein and iron than chicken.


Richardson does not take care of the nearly 40 goats on the farm, she is joined by Mike Smith, and since all the goats have had their winter coats shaved off, which takes around 30 minutes per goat, the next project on the farm is rearranging the pastures. "We use portable fences, so it only takes about an hour to move it all," said Smith.

Over the years Tannery Farms has entered and won several competitions for their goats cashmere, meeting the strict requirements set for cashmere. Requirements such as a length no less than 1.25" and less than 18 microns in diameter. But these goats aren't all business, just like any other kid, they like to run and play. "If you sit down there with them, they prefer to be sitting on top of your head, but your arms are about as close as the can get," said Richardson. Richardson even names all her goats, and has a unique way of keeping track of them all. "Every year they get a different letter of the alphabet," explained Richardson "so I started with A and now up to H." From there Richardson lets neighbors and her grandchildren come up with the names like Henry, Herb, and Herminie.

Visitors are even welcome at Tannery Farms. "It is good to have people around, because it does socialize them to be friendly," said Richardson.

To set up a visit at Tannery Farms or for more information, visit their website.

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