Balancing Cakes and Kids

cakesDANVILLE- In today's economy some families around the Northeast Kingdom are having trouble making ends meet. For one family in Danville it has come down to raising a family and holding a steady job. Tarah Fontaine is a mother to two; Aubrey is four and Mason is two. Fontain is not only a stay at home mom, but a specialty cake baker.

She was introduced to baking in high school by one of her teachers; she fell so in love with hobby that she wanted to study culinary arts and make it into a career.

"I didn't have really any idea of what I wanted to do like when I grow up or when I go to college I didn't have any idea. My teacher from the academy showed me what I could do as far as being artistic and creative. So I started in high school and graduated in '04 and I have been doing it ever since," said Fontain.

Fontain went to school in North Carolina and worked at two different food services, before returning home to Danville.  Upon her return, she helped the owners of Bentley's CafĂ© open their doors. After becoming pregnant, she decided to be a stay at home mom.
Just recently she began baking again, with the encouragement of friends and family, but this time having a whole lot more on her plate.  With her husband working as a full time electrician, Fontaine must manage her small business, her home, and her rambunctious children.

"Its not easy. A lot of people say the cakes don't take that long. I mean it takes me hours if I was by myself I could get it done in a lot quicker, but with these two its time consuming," she said.

When does Fontaine expect her business to turn a proft? Well she says she doesn't make a ton of money off the cakes, and knows that is a tough economic time for most.  She keeps her cakes affordable, and with the small profit she does make, she sets aside for her dream. 

"I make some extra money and then I just kind of put it to my business and then eventually yes I would like to have my own place and branch out, I have my dreams," she adds.

Fontaine is definitely a supermom juggling about 2-3 specialty cakes a week and two children. As of right now Fontain feels this is a perfect fit; she is at home with the two things she loves most; cakes and her kids.