"Frolf" in the NEK

Frolf PictureDANVILLE- When there is two sports in one, how can you go wrong?

The two popular sports of golf and frisbee have been combined into one of the most popular games of this century. "Frolf" or Frisbee Golf has revolutionized both games, with having the feeling of being on a golf course and playing frisbee on it. There are many "frolf" courses around the N-E-K, such as the course on Lyndon State College Campus, and a course in Barnet, but now there is one in Danville thanks to a Danville High Senior.

Scott Remick, who is a three-sport varsity athlete, wants to be a physical education teacher after college. With the encouragement of his Physical Education teacher Stephen Genco, Remick has made a complete frisbee golf course. ""It's our goal as the phys. ed. department to see if we can encourage one of our seniors to actually design and implement the frisbee golf course," said Genco of Remick's senior project.

Remick thought the project was a great idea but he didn't want to just do it for himself saying, "I've been apart of this community my whole life. I haven't moved anywhere; I've gone to school here forever. It means a lot for me to give back to the community and see them use what I put a lot of time into." Based on Danville High's Campus, the 9-hole course is currently ready for use.

Remick will be attending Lyndon State College after he is done at Danville High this spring. "For now I'd like to complete college, I'd like to become a physical education teacher. I know these guys, Mr. Pierce and Mr. Genco aren't close to being done here yet, but I'd love to come back here and teach. I know that the market's tough, because everybody wants to be there. But I'm willing to travel, I'm willing to pursue my dream, do what I really want to do." He may already be perusing his dream, as he is currently making a lesson plan based on how to teach children the game of "frolf."