Danville Increases School Budget

danville schoolDANVILLE - The  2013 Danville School budget will increase by 6.8 percent to from last years budget. This increase would raise the total budget to just under $5.6 million. The money will come from an increased tax rate of 9 cents for Danville residents.

The town will vote to raise the budget during town meeting day March 5, an appropriation from the School Board will also be up for votng that could raise the tax rate even higher.


 "The board has decided to put in a three year deicit reduction plan which will also ass to the tax rate above and beyond the nine cents. Which equates to 2 additionals cents," said Danville School Board Chair Keith Gadapee, "so the toatl rate would go up eleven cents if the vote is affirmative." Due to inaccurate salary estimates, an incrased need for special education funding, and reimburstment for tuitioning out students, the Danville School has a current of $200,000.

Danville will hold their town meeting at the Danville School at 9am.