A Prom With a Motive

adultpromphotoDANVILLE- Danville high school held a non traditional high school prom this weekend.

The Danville High School held a unique "Senior Prom" fundraiser to raise money for their junior and senior prom this spring.

 Beth Ferraro has a junior at Danville High school and says its a great idea that helps everyone out "I think her class made about twelve hundred dollars for her prom. This year they're expecting to make about 1,000 dollars."

The junior class of Danville High School ran and setup the prom from start to finish, making sure everyone in attendance had a great time "they've been planning it for several weeks now so everything was ordered ahead of time all the flowers were made ahead of time" says Ferraro adding "they were very organized, got their tasks down, they broke it out, and they came in last night and this morning to set it all up plus they'll be here tomorrow morning to clean it all up."

Ferraro was involved in the adult prom two years ago when her older daughter was a junior and said her class raised over 1,000 dollars.

This year the 2014 graduating class is setting their hopes high expecting to raise more because they are giving a percentage of their profit to Open Door which is a community service organization in Danville Ferraro said.

The class of 2014 exceeded their expatations about fourteen hundred dollars. Danville high school is welcoming anyone who could not make the prom to make a donation by calling the school at (802)-684-2292.