Danville's Womens Club Tackle Cyber Fraud

DANVILLE- Members of the Womens Club sat down and learned different ways one can avoid online scams designed to get access to your personal information.

Sponsored by AARP, Susan and Bill April go around locally and host these meetings. The Danville meeting being one of three in total.

Bill April spearheaded the meeting, focusing on ways people can tell when they have recieved fake emails that want you to give away private information, like social security numbers, credit card information, etc. April explained that some of these emails can have pictures attached that when opened allow "con artists" to view any information stored on your computer.

April said that people should change their settings to have it that email attatchments do not automatically open when clicking open new, unopened email, in order to help protect your private data.

Attendees asked their own questions and shared their own personal struggles and concerns with cyber fraud.