Danville Photo Contest

PhotoContestDANVILLE- If you've wanted your picture to be featured in a brochure, nows your chance. The Danville Chamber of Commerce is holding a photo contest which has been underway for almost two weeks now.

Pictures submitted will be judged, and one will be chosen to be featured in a travel brochure about Danville. These brochures will be sent to Welcome Centers all across New England, with hopes of bringing in more tourists to the area.

Chelsea Hewitt, Social Media Manager for the Chamber of Commerce said that they are "Looking for something that really kind of represents Danville. We've got a great view of the mountains, our Town Green is really beautiful. We do a lot of events on it, the town fair, autumn on the green, something that kind of signifies that and our history. We've got some just beautiful historical places in town so I'd really like to find something that captures kind of the spirit of that."

Almost a dozen photos have already been submited, and theres still more time. The contest runs until midnight on March thirty-first. 

PHOTO CONTEST from NewsLINC on Vimeo.