Danville PTG Spaghetti Dinner

danville ptgDanville - About a month into school Danville School held their Open House Tuesday night welocming families to meet the teachers and enjoy a spaghetti dinner. The dinner was a kick off fundraising event held before the open to house.

It was organzed by the Danville Parent Teach Group (PTG) to raise funds to make the educational experince as best as it can be.  Dinner was by donation and as the bellys of hungry families filled, so did the jar.

Their mission is "to promote parental involvement in the education of their children, foster open communication between the school and community, and support financial needs of educational programs in the Danville community."

The President of the PTG Lindsey Farnsworth says the money goes to classroom supplies and other school related communinty events. "We fund a literacy week through out the school year. We bring in artist and residence. We've brought in drummers in the past, other prefomrmers, and offer school wide ceremonies for everyone to enjoy."

 "After dinner the students were treated with a scavenger hunt to learn the school and teachers inside" added the PTG Treasure Clayton Cargaill

The Scavanger hunt was planned in conjuntion with the dinner by Danville Connect and the school.

Cargaill says "theres another project going on that invovles the PTG tangemtaly and its called the Danville Connect and its an art project funded (by PTG).... That this was a project that school the school wanted the Parent Teacher Group to be a part of."

The Danville PTG has meetings once a month in the Danville School lobby.