Girls on the Run

girlsDANVILLE - Laughing and excitement was heard on Wednesday as the Danville/Peacham Girls on the Run group hopped off the school bus at Goodfella's Restaurant, eager to begin their next lesson. The 3rd through 5th graders are a part of the nationwide Girls on the Run organization, established in 1996 to promote empowerment and equality among all females.


At each meeting, coaches teach the girls how to live happy and healthy lifestyles through the means of discussion and physical activity. "The mission is to create confidence in our girls. To make sure that they're joyful, and that they have self confidence. That's really what the program is about," said Vermont's Program Manager, Rachel Desautels.

Throughout the program, the girls train for a 5K run which will take place at the end of the school year, where they run alongside their friends, mentors, and fellow Girls on the Run sisters.

According to Desautels, the progress seen among the girls throughout the program is incredible. "You start with this group of girls, and sometimes they know each-other, sometimes they don't know each-other, but by the end of the season for sure, they've just created this bond with each-other, and you can see that their confidence has grown. They are way more willing to share things and to help each-other, and to really feel that collaboration of a team."

When talking with the girls themselves, they discussed their love for the program, stating that they've learned to be more open when expressing their feelings, to be accountable, to understand their opportunities, and to celebrate what it is that makes them unique.

The Danville/Peacham Girls on the Run will continue to meet every Monday and Wednesday until their run on June 2nd in Essex Junction at the Champlain Valley Expo. There are four other teams in Caledonia County through the Barnet School, Miller's Run School, St. Johnsbury School and the Walden School.