"Not Young Anymore"

danvillebballDANVILLE - A team that is not young anymore. Thats what the Danville Boys Basketball team can be described as. With the experience of this team things are looking up the floor for the Indians this season. Head Coach Jason Brigham is confident in bringing a team of upperclassmen to the hardwood this year. "I told the boys the other day that this is the first year that they can't be considered young."


 The squad will be led by six seniors that include Travis Grosse and Riley Fenoff. “I’ve been looking forward to this season for a long time.” says Grosse. Fenoff says that his Senior season will not bring him butterflies and that he will be taking the approach of treating every game this season just like any other one. "You only start to get nervous when you get into playoffs, I am just going to treat it like any other game."


The leadership of Grosse and Fenoff could also bring the team a long way. "Its little bit of a change in atmohsphere since we are the new oldest guys now and not the auhtority but kinda being looked up to, its a little bit different but its kinda cool, I really enjoy being able to help the team in that way." Grosse says,  "As a team I know we can make it all the way, we all want it so bad, we got a great group of guys."


To go along with the experience, the team is also focusing on using their conditioning to their advantage. The Indians have had a heavy focus on being a conditioned club this season. Over the offseason and the preseason it was a major focal point. "We like to get up and down the floor its definetly one of our strengths, Riley and Travis can move and we have a couple other guys that like to move along with them." says Brigham.


Overall the one main goal for the team is going to be all about making it back to Barre Auditorium, and senior Travis Grosse stresses one point.


"We've been there before we know what we need to do, we just gotta get the job done."